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When it comes to making the largest purchase in their lives, home buyers should leave nothing to chance. It is important that an attorney who has real estate experience review a real estate contract and provide advice that could help avoid errors, omissions, misinterpretations, or even misrepresentations that could jeopardize a sale or lead to a legal problem. For instance, by making a sales contract not only contingent upon a professional home inspection, but also the full approval of its results, buyers can protect themselves from being faced with an unsatisfactory inspection and an obligation to purchase the property. In addition, it is important that buyers carefully review sellers’ disclosure statements to learn as much as possible about the property.

If legal issues arise that your real estate agent can't answer, you'll need an attorney's help. Although good agents know a lot about the negotiating and contracting part of the process, they can't make judgments on legal questions. For example, what if your prospective new home has an illegal in-law unit with an existing tenant whom you want to evict in order to rent the place to a friend? Only a lawyer can tell you with any certainty whether your plans are feasible. For this or any other legal issue, please call (732) 222-8800 to make an appointment. My office is at 1141 Lincoln Square in Long Branch. I emphasize bankruptcy, wills and estate management, real estate, and family law.

HINT: Real estate buyers should cross check the seller’s disclosures with the city building permit and zoning reports in an effort to identify work that was completed without a permit and may not have been performed to code.